Baan Chu Jai

Helping high-risk teens go to school.

Baan Chu Jai opened in 2009 to meet the need to help and shelter boys and girls aged between 13-18 in at risk situations. The children have mainly been supported and sponsored under the Child Sponsorship Program and are at risk from various family backgrounds, such as struggling with problems like poor-income, mental illness, physical diseases, disabilities, crime and homelessness within the family. Baan Chu Jai is called to go another mile to prepare a place for children where they can live, learn, and grow up in a safe, family environment. Our desire is to also reach back into the families and communities that these children come from to improve their living situations and try to help bring more stability and security to their family environments.

Real L.I.F.E. Story

"A"* was born into a broken home. He doesn't know who his father is. His mother has five children from different husbands. All of his brothers and sisters are scattered and A has no idea where they are. He grew up knowing that he and his mother are homeless. His mother is an orphan, and she herself has always been homeless.

When A was 11 years old, his mother was arrested and put into jail for using and selling drugs. She has not yet been released. In the meantime, A had been temporarily looked after by some of his neighbors. Life was hard for him as he moved to different places each day just to survive. He might get some food from one place and then go to another at night time to find a tiny, dirty place to sleep. A has some relatives around in his neighborhood, however none of them offer any helping hand because they do not like his mother.

"A" now lives at Baan Chujai, a home for children at risk under our sponsorship program. Despite all the hardship, A is a good boy. He is helpful and responsible. His school grades have been impressive also. Baan Chujai offers Love In a Family Environment to A. That's what L.I.F.E. is all about.

* Not his real name

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