1. Mission and Vision

    Mission Statement:

    To help, support, and come along side people with intellectual disabilities to improve their quality of life through activities and job opportunities in the community and lead increasingly self-sufficient lives.

    Vision Statement: 

    For people of all disabilities around the world to gain self-determination, self-value, and self-respect through advocating for a better quality of life for them.

    Core Values:

    Advocacy & Support, Inclusion, Opportunity, Development, Potential, Hope, Love, Transparency, Care, Faith

  2. Who We Are

    Our Story: 

    A volunteer came 28 years ago to work with the 100 boys with physical and intellectual disabilities from one dormitory. She demonstrated that they were lovable and could develop. Staff noticed that the volunteer loved the boys and decided that they could possibly love them too; see them as persons with potential, able to contribute artistically, or practically to those around them. From a simple beginning of walks around the grounds, dressing and feeding practice, painting and exercise classes to cooking and lastly day trips, the experience planted a seed for the need for community living homes for the boys. She returned 20 years ago remembering the abandoned, isolated young men staring at 4 walls…thus, SaiLom began with two members in October 2014.

    “Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.”  ― David Brooks

    I would like to do that but I don’t know how. I can’t read but I can follow your example. I’m not being lazy. With a bit more instruction I can understand what needs to be done and do it. I’m watching you. Your smile gives me encouragement. Your frown makes me wonder if I made a mistake. Your hands show me how to cut up vegetables. Your finger to your lips reminds me to eat quietly. When I follow you walking down the road I learn how to walk safely down the side of the street. I need your support. I may have a “disability” card but mostly I have a desire to live life fully.

    The government homes in the greater Bangkok area give food and shelter to over 2,200 abandoned persons living with disabilities.

     “The needy will not always be forgotten.” “My sons will be taught…” SaiLom remembers the ones who are left to live at the government homes and the ones in community with limited resources since they don’t have the power to plan for their lives. Join us to give them help planning a better future and living a fuller LIFE!

    Who We Are:

    SaiLom (Supporting and Advocating for Inclusive Living Opportunities Ministry) comes alongside boys and young men with intellectual disabilities so that they can grow, develop, and realize their full potential. Comprehensive case management starts from the time that our members (i.e. beneficiaries) wake up until they go to bed. Here are our core services:

    Core Services

    1. Case Management:

    This is arguably our most important service as it acts as the glue to everything else that we do here. Case management provides comprehensive services to PWD (persons with disabilities) who attend the SaiLom Community House. The Case Managers give PWD advice, support, and encouragement. Most importantly they establish what type of help they need, perform a comprehensive evaluation, create and then implement an individualized rehabilitation plan (IRP), and finally assist them with securing a job.

    2. Community Living

    The SaiLom Community House currently has two PWD living in it. They live very similarly to someone who does not have a disability- they pay rent, go to work, and do chores around the house. Our long-term endeavor is to significantly expand this service.

    3. Skills Development

    Our Case Managers work very closely with all of our members to ensure that they are able to reach their full potential by discovering new skills and/or developing and growing known skills. For example, some of our members are developing their counting skills along with knowing the value of each bill and coin; while others develop their cooking and cleaning skills. We believe that baby steps are successful steps!

    4. Field Trips

    SaiLom provides organizational, logistical, and monetary services that take dozens and dozens of PWD out of the government home for a day of enjoyment, fun, and relaxation. We bring them to parks, zoos, planetariums, and the like. In addition, to being able to experience something new and do something fun they also receive the added benefit of practicing their motor skills.

    5. Job Placement

    Once a member of SaiLom is job-ready, our Case Managers support them in applying to and landing a job. We currently have two members who are employed as Gardeners at an international school.

  3. The Team

    Dorothy Klynstra
    SaiLom Project Manager

    Gochamon Nopthanawan
    Case Manager

  4. Testimonials

    Staff Testimonials

    'Wee' greets everyone cheerily.

    "I never thought he'd get a job," the staff from the government home said. But he did get a job! SaiLom had shown a staff at a school pictures of the things that our members are able to do. Focusing on their abilities and matching them with the needs at the school SaiLom was able to place one member there. Wee joined our project in order to share a job with that first member. Wee's enthusiasm for his job of raking leaves and doing other gardening work is unwavering. He is now paid to do a job that he enjoys.

    With the help of SaiLom staff 'Wee' is still practicing to know the value of Thai money, how to take public transportation and how to improve and expand on his work skills within the limits of his disability. In the meantime he has a regular income that he can use to buy some of his favorite things. He enjoys listening to Thai country music on his new CD player during his free time at SaiLom house. SaiLom is like family to him encouraging him to be the best he can be. He helps around the house where he does the laundry while 'Mo' makes lunch. He's learning to be responsible for paying his own way, buying his own supplies and deciding whether to buy a treat after work or not. He is saving money for the day when he'll consider moving into the community with the support and advocacy of his SaiLom family. -Case Manager

    “Oak” joined SaiLom as a job trainee.  He is very enthusiastic about his job as a gardener’s assistant.  SaiLom supports him by making sure he travels to/from work safely and understands how to do his job.  With his pay he buys the things he needs and wants like clothes, food, a mobile phone, and camera.  He saved up enough money to be eligible for our supported living program.

    SaiLom continues to help him to develop his community living skills like cooking lunch and doing the laundry little by little, and to make connections so that he has a widening circle of friends to encourage him outside his SaiLom family.” -Project Manager 

    *SaiLom adheres to a strict child protection policy. The above names are pseudonyms.

    Volunteer Testimonials

    “I have had the pleasure to volunteer with SaiLom on several of their day excursions and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. The young men and women who I have been “buddies” with all have impressed me so much with the joy and enthusiasm they have for the opportunity to have new experiences.  I feel humbled to have been able to share time with all of the amazing people who benefit from SaiLom’s wonderful work.  A special thanks to Dorothy for all of her passion and to her dedication to providing positive life experiences to all the young people involved with SaiLom.” -Cyndy

    “My son Jasper and I were involved with the SaiLom Project when we lived in Bangkok. Helping the young men was as rewarding for us as it was for them.  We enjoyed spending time with the young men on field trips, and I visited the SaiLom house to say hi and drop off supplies. My son was a teenager at the time and he still speaks fondly of his volunteer time. He really enjoyed seeing the smiles on the young men’s’ faces as they experienced something new. We were both so happy to share that with them.” -Mare

    “Signed up to help with kids. The day before I was told we would be helping mentally and physically challenged adults, so I was about to say I am sorry I can't make it. God made me stop writing 'can’t make it', so I went. It showed me how pea brained I am and it opened my eyes. I now sign up every time. What a blessing they are. As always it is an honor. I feel privileged and proud to be at any event with the chaps. I always learn something new. They continue to show me what a pea brain I have just by going about their daily lives. They are fun, thoughtful, kind, and overcome obstacles with diverse thinking.

    How come they can keep hold of rubbish and put it in the correct recycling bin when many people in the world can't, won't, or simply don't?!

    I can't express my total change of not wanting to go, to wanting to sign up to help every time. I now try get one extra volunteer wherever I am in the world, or specifically for Sailom, to sign up and give back. When I do, it is fantastic! –Emma

    My happy times with you in Pakkret touched my heart. You greeted me with love and let me share our world for a few hours.

    My time with your team was put to good use. We shared Bible study, I helped prepare bottles for recycling, taught crochet skills, participated in group outings, and shared lunch with my dear friends at a local mall.

    Sharing God's love with all of you was an unexpected highlight of my time in Thailand.

    I have some pictures to remind of the skills your teacher, Dorothy, is doing with all of the young men who participate at SaiLom.

    My prayers come with this message. You are part of my heart. -Barbara

    *SaiLom adheres to a strict child protection policy. The above names are pseudonyms.

  5. Get Involved

    Support Us

    Case for Support

    “One billion people, or 15% of the world’s population, experience some form of disability, and disability prevalence is higher for developing countries. One-fifth of the estimated global total, or between 110 million and 190 million people, experience significant disabilities. Persons with disabilities are more likely to experience adverse socioeconomic outcomes than persons without disabilities, such as less education, poorer health outcomes, lower levels of employment, and higher poverty rates (Schrader-King, 2019).” SaiLom, is an organization who, since the very founding, has been relentlessly supporting, dedicated to, and advocating for people with disabilities (PWD) in the developing world.

    SaiLom addresses this global need by working with government homes of PWD, creating individual rehabilitation plans (IRP), and fostering, improving, and supporting life in the community through a new-found level of independence, not fully reliant on the government homes anymore. The government homes have challenging living conditions at best. They are unable to unlock the amazing potential that every individual is equipped with. For these reasons, SaiLom is well-positioned to support PWD in need.

    SaiLom would like to continue to enrich the lives of PWD by increasing their community living program. This program’s aim is to take PWD out of the overcrowded and dismal living conditions of the government homes and place them into a home within a community. SaiLom endeavors to open up more community homes in the future. The estimated total costs, based on calculated projections and historical data, is $35,000 for one fiscal year. This would cover the rent and a full-time caretaker for two homes, for example. In order to achieve this goal, we need you! Please consider joining our family in bringing justice to an overlooked and vulnerable population.

    Reference: Schrader-King, K. (2019, April 4). Disability Inclusion. Retrieved from The World Bank:

    1. Donate

    Through your generous support SaiLom will be able to secure sustainable growth for the future and, ultimately, grow. The more we can grow the greater the impact we can have on the communities and people we serve. Consider donating today! Wonder how far your support can go? Look at the giving tree clubs for examples and consider joining one. Thank you!

    2. Join A Giving Tree Club

    Please consider joining one of our giving tree clubs. It is our way of recognizing contributions that are made to us. Unless you prefer to be anonymous, we will list your club membership on our website.

    Wondering what different clubs we have available and how far your financial support could go? Below you can download one of the files (English or Thai) for a full explanation.

    Giving Tree Club (English)

    Giving Tree Club (Thai)

    3. Volunteer

    As a nonprofit organization, volunteers are vital to the work that we do. Without volunteers we would not be able to achieve the core organizational desired results and impact, conduct programs, raise funds, and serve our beneficiaries. Volunteers are a tremendous resource we cannot do without. We accept volunteer inquiries on a rolling basis. To get started please send an updated resume to

    4. Sponsorship

    Sponsorship is mutually beneficial to both the sponsor and our organization. Your financial contribution could be making positive societal impact by increasing the quality of like for PWD. At the same time our organization can increase its reach and be able to support more people and, ultimately, fulfill our mission as an organization. Get in touch if you would like to explore this option further.

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  7. Donors and Partners

    We would like to thank all of our partners and donors! Without these collaborations, our work would not be possible.

    ECB (Evangelical Church of Bangkok)

    Pakkret Full Gospel Church

    In addition, we would also like to thank the many individuals who have supported us throughout the years and to current donors who have asked to be kept anonymous.

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