About Project L.I.F.E. Foundation

Project LIFE FoundationSince 1987, Project L.I.F.E. Foundation has been involved in helping the poor and vulnerable of Thailand, particularly women and children. Project L.I.F.E. is a registered Thai Foundation, under the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security of the Royal Thai Government.

All Project L.I.F.E. programs, including the Project L.I.F.E. office, are funded solely from donations. All expatriate staff are strictly volunteer and receive no salaries from Project L.I.F.E. Each Project L.I.F.E. ministry, and the Thai staff involved, are dependent on “Project Partners” to enable the work to continue. “Project Partners” are people or businesses who want to help Thailand’s poor and needy. They are “L.I.F.E.-givers”. 

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Mission Statement

Project L.I.F.E. Foundation is committed to giving the poor, the forgotten, the broken in Thai society the opportunity to provide the necessities of life for themselves and their families. These include food, clothing, shelter, education and gainful employment.

We are committed to working together with communities, government agencies, and other organizations and foundations to help both individuals and families. Our goal, particularly in rural situations, is to have community based assistance, which will eventually be overseen and run by local residents. In all our work, special consideration is given to the needs of women and children.

We are committed to focusing on both developmental and rehabilitative assistance. Our ‘rehab' programs focus is helping the broken people of this nation rebuild their lives so they can be productive members of society. Our development programs focus is helping the poor help themselves with special emphasis given to micro-enterprise projects and the creation of jobs.

We are committed to accountability and professionalism in all our programs and throughout the Foundation. We regularly review our programs and continually seek to improve them. As individual donors, civic groups, organizations and corporations put their trust in us, we recognize we have a strong responsibility both to them and to the people they desire to help.

Project L.I.F.E. is committed to fulfilling that responsibility.

Board of Directors

Dr. Woraporn Tharawanich
Vice Chairman:
Mr. Chusak Wuthiwaropas
Member & Secretary:
Dr. Puthachart Chunsakorn
Member & Treasurer:
Mrs. Kornwika Jariengsakdawong
Member & Executive Director:
Ms. Wimon Chanprakhon
Ms. Linda Herrmann
Mr. Samuel Sarvis
Mr. Stephen Goode
Mr. Anucha Prommathat
Ms. Dornnapha Sukkree
Mr. Jeffrey Boehm

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